How Long Do Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Last?

Tue November 28, 2023


Seals for hydraulic cylinders are essential parts that keep fluid from leaking and allow the hydraulic system to work properly. But with time, these seals get worn out and need to be replaced. The following important variables determine the exact lifespan of hydraulic seals:

Working Environment

The particular operating conditions, such as system pressures, operating temperatures, cylinder speeds, exposure to contaminants, type of hydraulic fluid, and maintenance procedures, are arguably the most important factors that determine how long hydraulic seals last. Extremely harsh environments can shorten the lifespan of seals to just a few hundred hours, but mild-duty seals with proper maintenance can last up to 50,000 hours.

Seal Materials

Durability is impacted by a seal’s construction, internal lubricants, and elastomer grade, among other properties. Longer seal lives than typical nitrile rubbers are typically possible with materials like fluoroelastomers or high-consistency PTFE compounds, but they come at a higher cost. It’s critical to carefully choose the seal material to meet operating requirements.

Seal Designs
Modern seal profiles that are more complex, like double lip designs with optimized geometry and multi-stage pressure zones, increase resistance to fluid contaminants, pressure spikes, and thermal cycling, thus increasing the potential lifespan of the seal.

Replacement Intervals

Many plant managers replace seals as a preventive measure during scheduled equipment overhauls to avoid unplanned and potentially dangerous seal failures. But thanks to developments in seal diagnostics, it is now possible to precisely estimate a seal’s life based on its actual operating history.

In conclusion, operating conditions and seal specifications have a significant impact on hydraulic cylinder seal lifespans. However, there is a chance for significantly longer, dependable high-performance seal operation by adhering to strict maintenance procedures and making use of technological advancements in materials, designs, and diagnostics.

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