We offer personalized sealing and bearing solutions designed to match your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance for your applications.
Our expertise lies in serving various industries with our extensive experience in sealing and bearing applications, including but not limited to: Construction & Mining Equipment; Fluid Power; Hydrogen; Oil & Gas.

Hydraulic Seals

Enhancing the Efficiency of Hydraulic Cylinders Sealing hydraulic cylinders presents unique challenges as the seals must effectively prevent fluid leakage while enduring high pressures, extreme temperatures, and internal forces. We focus on optimizing hydraulic seals to improve performance in these demanding applications.

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Duo Cone seals

Specialized in demanding environments, our Metal Face Seals, also known as Floating Seals, are designed for rotating applications. These robust seals are meticulously engineered to withstand extreme wear and effectively protect against the entry of harsh and abrasive external substances.

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Composite Materials Products

Guides are made of polymer materials and prevent metal-to-metal contact between moving parts in a working hydraulic cylinder. Compared to metal guides, polymer guides provide the following advantages in hydraulic cylinders:Reduced friction,Noise reduction,Corrosion resistance,Weight reduction,Design flexibility,Cost-effectiveness.

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