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Gasket VS O-ring

Gaskets and O-rings are two common types of seals that are widely used in fast-moving industries, they are both used to stop the leakage of liquids, gases, or other media, but there are a few more differences between them and if you don’t understand the differences you may choose incorrectly, this post will help you…

static seals o ring

What Is A Static Sealing Application?

What is a static seal? A static seal is formed between two stationary contact surfaces to prevent leakage of liquids or gases and to ensure the safe operation of an equipment system. Compared with dynamic seals, static seals do not require linear motion or rotation to achieve sealing, and its design and sealing performance in…

Install Hydraulic Seals

How To Install Hydraulic Seals?

Installing hydraulic cylinder seals is very important; it directly affects the performance and life of the hydraulic system. The correct seal installation method can ensure that the seals can effectively prevent hydraulic oil leakage and reduce friction and damage. You will learn hyd seals installation methods and precautions from this article. Step 1: Seal selection…

FKM O-ring

NBR O-rings VS FKM O-rings

Nitrile rubber and FKM are both very commonly used sealing materials, as elastomers they have their own unique properties and applications. In this article, we will introduce the difference between NBR O-Ring and FKM O-Ring in detail to help you better understand the performance and application scenarios of both and make the right choice. Nitrile…

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Seal Failure Analysis in Hydraulic Cylinder

TableHydraulic Cylinder Seal ClassificationStatic Seal Failure AnalysisDynamic Seal Failure AnalysisGuide element failure analysisSummary Hydraulic cylinder seals classification Hydraulic cylinder seals are mainly divided into:A, static sealB, dynamic seal Static seal failure analyses Static Seals: Seals between relatively stationary bonding surfaces are called static seals. Classification of static seals:Static seals are categorized into many types, and…


Gasket VS O-ring

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