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Located in Xiamen, TYS Seals is a suppliers & factories on all kinds of hydraulic lip sealss, Rotary Seals, Seal Kits, Piston Seals and Wiper Seals and other fluid power system components based in China. Our products are exported in bulk to customers across Middle America, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East, etc. We aim to become the leading global provider of reliable, customized sealing solutions.

People May Ask

How Are Hydraulic Seals Measured?

Measure the breadth, height, outer diameter (OD), and inner diameter (ID) of the seal. The seal frequently has the measurements printed on it. If not, you can use calipers, verniers, or a ruler to measure the seal. To apply an average measurement when measuring diameters, take many measurements around the seal.

Which Kinds of Seals Find Application in Hydraulic Cylinders?

Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Types(br>Seals for pistons. By obstructing the flow of hydraulic fluid past your piston, piston seals provide your hydraulic cylinder power.Insert Seals and Buffer Seals.Wiper Sealants....Guiding Rings....Synthetic rubber.The PTFE.Sturdy Plastic Materials.Epoxy Thermoplastic Rubbers.Additional things...

What Gives It The Name "O Ring"?

Despite having a circular cross section when it was first called, the O-ring's cross-section design has since changed. The form can have a variety of profiles. For example, the X-ring, also known by its trademarked name Quad Ring, is a typical X-shaped profile.

What Varieties of Lip Seals Are There?

Lip seals with one lip, two lips, or even three lips are available. Both spring-loaded and non-spring-loaded lip seal styles are available. Lip seals that are spring-loaded have a built-in spring.

What Is The Name of The Hydraulic Seals?

Piston seals and rod seals are examples of dynamic hydraulic seals. Throughout the rod or shaft of a hydraulic cylinder, rod seals are subjected to motion on their inner diameter. On the other hand, as a hydraulic cylinder's bore or tube moves, piston seals are subjected to motion on their outer diameter.

Why Is Pneumatic Inferior to Hydraulic?

Because the liquid medium employed in hydraulics has a high mass density and is essentially incompressible, it is the strongest option. This means that the power needed to power your application can be transmitted using hydraulics, which can generate much higher pressure levels.

What Makes Hydraulic Seals Crucial?

The purpose of the seals is to stop external hydraulic fluid leaks and contamination, particularly from dirt and debris entering the machine. Although seals shield your hydraulic machinery from damage, improper installation allows dirt to enter and contaminate your equipment.

How Are Lip Seals Applied?

To reinvigorate the lip, an inboard spring is used. And maintain it in relation to the shaft. While additionally

What Distinguishes Hydraulic Seals from Pneumatic Seals?

Commonly found in cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic seals are sealing components utilized in applications involving rotating or reciprocating motions. Pneumatics is gas, and hydraulics is liquid. The primary distinction between the two is that hydraulic systems transfer power using liquids, such as water and oil.

A Hydraulic Seal: What Is It?

In reciprocating motion applications, a hydraulic seal is a relatively soft, non-metallic ring that is fastened in a combination of rings or caught in a groove to form a seal assembly. Its purpose is to separate or block fluid. In machinery, hydraulic seals are essential.

Hydraulic Lip Seals Products

Introducing the versatile and durable oil seal from uxcell! This high-quality product is designed with precision to meet your sealing needs. Crafted from premium nitrile rubber, it offers excellent resistance to oil and other lubricants. With its TC design and double lip feature, it provides a reliable barrier to prevent leaks and maintain optimal performance. The 30mm x 42mm x 5mm measurement ensures a perfect fit for your bearing shaft. To further enhance its functionality, a spring is included to ensure a tight and secure seal. This pack includes one oil seal in an elegant black color, making it a stylish addition to your machinery. Trust uxcell for all your sealing requirements and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior quality.

The EAI Wiper Seal is a highly efficient solution for maintaining hydraulic piston cylinder performance. With a size of 20x26x4mm and a built-in 7mm dust scraper, this oil seal guarantees optimal protection against external contaminants. Its innovative design ensures the prevention of oil leakage and the preservation of the cylinder s smooth operation. Trust the EAI Wiper Seal to keep your hydraulic system running smoothly for extended periods.

The Marine Reconstruction Seal Kit is designed for Johnson Evinrude trim tilt 25 35 40 48 50 HP from 1989-2004 as a replacement for 435567 435894 435903 0435567.

Introducing the EAI Oil Seal: A Top-Quality FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Seal with Stainless Steel Spring, Measuring 18mm x 30mm x 10mm. Also Included is the Highly Resilient Viton Shaft Seal for Superior Performance.

VMQ bafsl1sf dmhui品牌适用于Rexroth Linde液压水泵电机的电动轴高压机油密封,尺寸为50-72-7/5mm。

Hydraulic systems require proper sealing to prevent leakage and maintain optimal performance. To meet this requirement, our company offers a pack of 5 UN radial shaft hydraulic seals. These seals come in a convenient size of ID 20-30mm and are constructed using high-quality polyurethane material. Designed to fit piston shafts and rods, these seals integrate a single lip U cup construction for effective sealing. Our oil seals are reliable and durable, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your hydraulic systems. Each pack contains 5 seals with a size of 20x30x6, providing you with an ample supply for your sealing needs. Trust our seals to keep your hydraulic systems operating smoothly and leakage-free.

Polyurethane hydraulic cylinder oil seals, available in various sizes and thicknesses, are designed to provide effective sealing solutions for UN/UHS/U/Y type shaft holes. With a thickness of either 9mm or 10mm, these seals come with a high-quality general sealing ring gasket lip. The package includes a single seal washer, and the specific dimensions of this particular seal washer are 145x160x9mm.

1/2 Pcs of Seal Washers with an Internal Diameter (ID) of 16 and 17 MM are available. These seal washers are made of Brown Fluoro FKM Fluorine Rubber, which has excellent resistance to hydraulic fluids. The seal washers are designed with a skeleton structure, allowing them to effectively prevent oil leakage. They come with a rubber oil seal gasket lip, ensuring a secure fit. The specific size of these seal washers is 17x30x7, and the package includes 2 pieces.

Reliable equipment R27100, a hydraulic tamper seal kit, is available for purchase for the large-sized double bed in the United States.

The EAI Oil Seal measuring 16mm in inner diameter, 26mm in outer diameter, and 7mm in width, comes in a package of 2 pieces. It is designed with a TC double lip and is equipped with a spring for added functionality. With a metal case covered with a nitrile rubber coating, this oil seal ensures superior performance and longevity.

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I was incredibly pleased with the performance of these items on my Fisher Paykel washing machine. Not only did they meet my expectations, but they also arrived earlier than the expected delivery date. This prompt delivery was truly delightful. I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service rendered.

Lynda Wolters

We encountered a problem with oil leakage on our EGL 150cc dirt bike due to a defective shifter seal. After promptly ordering a replacement seal, we were pleased to find it delivered within a day. Installing the new seal proved effortless as it fit flawlessly, effectively resolving the issue and ensuring an end to any oil leaks.


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