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Xiamen TYS Seals Technology Co is trusted China top hydraulic cylinder oil seal suppliers & factories located in Xiamen, Fujian. We have been engineering and supplying seals including piston seals, rod seals, wiper seals to worldwide customers across diverse industries for over 60 countries during 22+ years. Known for production expertise, material quality and passionate customer service.

People May Ask

What Kind of Hydraulic Cylinder O-Ring Is This?

The most popular O-ring materials are NBR, Nitrile, and Buna-N because of their inherent resistance to lubricants, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, and non-polar petroleum-based chemicals.

What Is The Finest Oil Seal?

Because of its excellent resistance to a wide variety of oils and greases, including mineral grease and hydraulic oil, NBR, also known as nitrile rubber or nitrile, is the most widely used material for an oil seal.

Which Two Kinds of Hydraulic Seals Are There?

Static hydraulic seals are installed in a housing in which there is no motion and they are only able to seal a small area. Piston seals and rod seals are examples of dynamic hydraulic seals. Throughout the rod or shaft of a hydraulic cylinder, rod seals are subjected to motion on their inner diameter.

What Distinguishes An Oil Seal from A Mechanical Seal?

When utilized in extremely high or low temperatures, oil or rotary shaft seals may wear out more quickly due to their vulnerability to extreme temperatures. A mechanical seal has springs, spinning parts, and fixed parts.

How Are Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Chosen?

How to Choose the Appropriate Seal Size(br>Measure the bore as the first step.Measure the piston rod in step two.Step 3: Measure the Retracted Length of the Cylinder.Step 4: Determine the Extended Length of the Cylinder.Step 5: Determine the Stroke of Your Cylinder.Step 6: Examine Your Hydraulic Cylinder Visually and Clearly.

What Is The Hydraulic Cylinder Seal's Purpose?

Maintaining leak control and averting blowouts: The purpose of hydraulic cylinder seals is to reduce friction and stop leaks and blowouts by enclosing the piston rod in a pressure-tight seal.

Which Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Failure Is More Frequent?

The Leaking SealLeaky seals are the most frequent reason for hydraulic cylinder failure because they let harmful impurities like water, air, and particles enter the hydraulic cylinder as well as essential fluids like lubricants escape the system.

Which Substance Works Best for Hydraulic Oil Seals?

Rubber nitrile butadieneNitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) or acrylonitrile is the most widely used substance. Though it is not weather resistant, NBR is reasonably priced and has good resistance to petroleum-based hydraulic fluids between -50°C and 120°C (-60°F and 250°F).

Which Kind of Seal Does A Hydraulic Cylinder Use?

Depending on the use, hydraulic seals can be static or dynamic. In hydraulic cylinders, both kinds of seals are utilized. Static seals stay still, but dynamic seals are subjected to motion. This is the difference. They are employed in situations where the component they are used with remains stationary.

What Is An Oil Seal Used in Hydraulic Systems?

In hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic seals are used to close gaps between different parts of the hydraulic cylinder. Seals are meticulously created utilizing advanced simulation software and are either machined or molded. Goods are used for both static and dynamic sealing.

Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Seal Products

1/3 or 1/2 pieces ID 10-160mm Polyurethane (PU) Ring Gasket Dust Ring for Piston Rod Shaft-(Size: 12.5x20.5x4.5I6mm, Color: 3pcs) Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Sealing

Three USH Hydraulic Cylinder Rubber Oil Seal Rings, 40 mm by 50 mm by 6 mm, in black color.

Black NBR hydraulic seal for oil cylinder dust-proof (Style A, Size: 250x266x10-13) - LBH Type Hydraulic Cylinder Seal 250x266/266x12/13

Installation of One SUPVOX U-ring Sealing Rod Shaft Hole Twisting Rod Twisting Tool Seal U-cup Installation Tool Twisting Rod Piston Rod Iron Oil Seal Hydraulic Cylinder Sealing Tool

ID12mm 25mm 60mm UN/UHS/U/Y Type Shaft Hole General Green Sealing Ring Gasket - Polyurethane Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Sealing Ring - (Size: 32x40x6mm x20pcs, Color: Green)

SANY Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Seal Repair Kit SKF SY235 Boom Bucket Arm Seal Kit

50x58x5/6.5mm - (Size: 38x46x5I6.5mm 2Pcs) - DHS Type Shaft Sealing Ring Gasket Polyurethane Hydraulic Cylinder Oil Sealing Ring 10 * 12 * 20 * 4.5/6mm

Solarhome 6586587, 6539931, and 6804630 Compatible with Bobcat S130 773 763 T140 753 Hydraulic Tilt Cylinder for Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders

JD Models 430 530 Rod & Bore Compatible with AE43288 Round Baler Tension Gate Cylinder Seal Kit - Brand: REPLACEMENTKITS.COM

Compatible with Husqvarna 385XP 390XP 385EPA 395EPA, ENGINERUN Chainsaw Gasket Oil Seals Kit - Crankcase Cylinder Muffler Exhaust Gasket and Oil Seal Set Replaces OEM 537033901 537 03 39-01

Top Reviews

Retired Life

With this kit, I will be rebuilding two hydraulic cylinders that are 12" long. I didn't have any tools to sharpen the cylinder or compress the rubber seals, so I bought the rebuild kit straight from the manufacturer. I have all I needed and more with this kit. Having everything I needed to complete the job allowed the reconstruction to go smoothly. I would suggest this item.

The Mechanic

I recently purchased these for my 1982 Cb900 Custom and they turned out to be a perfect fit. The rubber material feels impressively flexible, though only time will reveal its durability.


Had to swap out a drive shaft's oil seal. This served as an ideal substitute. No problems.

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