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Located in Xiamen, China TYS has over 22+ years as a certified ISO manufacturer of lip ring seals, Wiper Seals, Bearing Guidance, Piston Seals and Rod Seals exported to partners globally across Middle East, Middle America, South America, Africa, Asia, etc. We are elevating safety and sustainability by supplying sealing systems essential to diverse industries.

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How Does A Seal Ring Become Made?

O-rings are composed of a variety of elastomers, the most common ones being silicone for high temperature applications, PTFE, nitrile (Buna), neoprene, EPDM rubber, and fluorocarbon (VitonTM). A brief list of a few O-ring materials and their characteristics can be found in the chart below.

Oil Ring Seal: What Is It?

A form of seal called an oil ring seal is used in mechanical equipment such motors, pumps, bearings, and gearboxes to hold oil on rotating shafts. These seals are often referred to as grease seals or rotary shaft seals.

Ringed Seals Have Three Intriguing Pieces of Information Worth Noting.

For ringed seals, the delivery of their offspring commonly takes place in burrows situated on ice floes. The newborn pups, initially covered in a snowy coat commonly known as lanugo, shed this outer layer just about three weeks later. Between the months of mid-May to mid-July, adult ringed seals undergo molting, a process that occurs after each reproductive season. Unfavorably, the prospects for ringed seals are rapidly deteriorating as a result of climate change.

Why Do Koreans Cover Their Heads with Towels?

To absorb perspiration and prevent their hair from drying out strangely, Koreans enjoy wrapping their heads with towels fashioned like sheep heads, or yang meoli. Towels are only used to dry off and, of course, to wrap our heads up so we look like lambs-we don't use them to wrap our bodies.

Which O-Ring Seal Is The Best?

The ideal 'O' ring material for all-around functionality is silicone. One 'O' ring material that is frequently utilized and has almost become standard in the industry is silicone. Compounds made of silicone rubber offer excellent resistance to ozone, water, and acids.

What Are The Drawbacks Or Downsides of O-Rings?

The initial friction resistance is considerably high when employing it for compression in dynamic sealing.
Preventing leakage when the seal is in motion and ensuring it does not exceed the specified tolerance value is exceedingly challenging.
Additional factors...•

How Does A Ring Seal Appear?

Look. Ringed seals have a chubby body, a short nose resembling a cat, and a small head. They have a dark coat with bands of light hue on their flanks, back, and belly. The white natal coat (lanugo) that puppies are born with sheds after four to six weeks.

What Distinguishes An Oil Seal from A Lip Seal?

Any seal is intended to safeguard a piece of equipment's joint. Seals act as a barrier between pollution outside the joint and lubricant or other liquids inside. An oil seal or rotary shaft seal are other names for lip seals. For moving parts, mechanical seals, rotary shaft seals, and oil seals are used.

Which Way Should A Lip Seal Be Facing?

The media that needs to be sealed should always be facing or pointed toward by the primary sealing lip. A supplementary lip on a seal is occasionally utilized to keep debris and contaminants away from the sealing media and/or bearing system.

What Benefits Does The O-Ring Seal Offer?

They provide a broad range of tolerance, pressure, and temperature sealing. Simple operation; no need for smearing or retightening. Structural damage is unlikely to occur because there is no critical torque during tightening.

Lip Ring Seal Products

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Featuring a wide assortment of piercing rings, needles, and clips suitable for a variety of body areas.


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Jasmine Natasha Robinson

With an array of body piercings ranging from nose to cartilage, the kit offers a diverse selection for personal expression and style preferences. Featuring a wide variety of piercing jewelry, there are ample options to choose from to reflect individuality and fashion taste. The inclusion of piercing tools in the kit simplifies and streamlines the process, ensuring a safe and sanitary piercing experience. By providing a comprehensive assortment of items, the kit eliminates the need to purchase each component separately, ultimately saving time and effort. The piercing jewelry and tools included in the kit are of satisfactory quality, suitable for both novices and seasoned piercers. One of the key benefits of the kit is its affordable price, offering excellent value for the numerous pieces it contains. With its organized storage system, the kit enables users to keep all their items in one convenient place, minimizing the risk of misplacing any components.

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