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Located in Xiamen, TYS Seals is a suppliers & factories on all kinds of lip seal vitons, Piston Seals, Seal Kits, Gaskets and Rotary Seals and other fluid power system components based in China. Our products are exported in bulk to customers across Middle East, Middle America, Africa, Asia, South America, etc. We aim to become the leading global provider of reliable, customized sealing solutions.

People May Ask

What Is A Lip Seal Known by Another Name?

seals for rotary shaftsIn most cases, what is properly referred to as radial shaft seals, oil seals, or rotary shaft seals is referred to as a lip seal. Hydraulic pumps and valve stems are examples of rotating parts that are frequently sealed with oil seals.

What Is Viton's Lowest Possible Temperature?

Although certain formulations allow its use in static applications down to –54°C (–65°F), Cold-Viton is typically usable in dynamic applications down to –18 to –23°C (0 to –10°F).

What Is Viton's Lowest Temperature?

Depending on the type, Cold-VitonTM low temperature performance can operate as low as –31 °C (–24 °F) for dynamic seals and –45 °C (–49 °F) for static seals using VitonTM GLT-S.

Is Viton Superior to FKM?

Viton® outperforms hydrocarbon rubbers in fluid resistance, hence blends including Viton® usually exhibit much lower performance than 100% FKM. Hydrocarbon rubber blends with Viton® do not function [almost like FKM] or in any way similar to it.

What Distinguishes A Mechanical Seal from A Lip Seal?

Lip seals come in two varieties: spring-loaded and non-spring. Non-spring lip seals are utilized in slower shaft operations. Because mechanical seals feature inboard springs that allow them to self-adjust when their faces deteriorate, regular wear and tear maintenance is minimized.

Is Viton Sealing Superior?

As stated in the definition of Viton rubber, valves that must endure high temperatures and erratic climatic conditions are the perfect application for this material. In any situation when a high temperature is the primary factor, the Viton seal will be the ideal option.

Are Viton And FKM The Same?

The designations Viton®, FKM, FPM, and fluoroelastomer all refer to the same family of synthetic rubber materials. These are only the most popular names for this material; there are many more names for it.

What Is The Purpose of Viton Seals?

A VitonTM seal is just a VitonTM seal made from VitonTM. These gaskets or seals are frequently used to seal pumps, valves, leaks, and other related objects. The most popular kind of seal is VitonTM o ring, which we offer at NES in a range of sizes and profiles.

When Should Viton Seals Not Be Used?

Viton seals become rigid and inflexible below 5°F, which renders them useless.

What Is The Viton Lip Seal's Temperature Rating?

Ideal Temperature Ranges for VitonAlthough viton o-rings for general-type seals may tolerate service temperatures of up to 527°F for brief periods of time, their ideal temperature range in static applications is between -15°F and 450°F. The parts' lifespan will be shortened more at 450°F than at -15°F under full operation.

Lip Seal Viton Products

Introducing to you a single package of the versatile and durable uxcell Oil Seal. This high-quality product is specifically designed with a nitrile rubber cover, ensuring its stability and longevity. With its dimensions measuring 24mm x 40mm x 8mm, this oil seal is the perfect fit for any bearing shaft. It boasts a double-lip design, enhanced with a spring for added protection and improved sealing capabilities. Donning an elegant black color, this pack of 1 oil seal guarantees optimal performance and reliability.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal with Stainless Steel Spring - a compact solution measuring 22mm x 36mm x 7mm. This high-quality seal not only boasts excellent chemical resistance, but also features a Viton Shaft Seal to enhance its overall performance. With its durable construction and reliable sealing capabilities, it is the ideal choice for various applications.

EAI presents a high-quality oil seal of dimensions 20mm x 28mm x 6mm, featuring a double lip design and a durable stainless steel spring. Made with FPM/FKM, this oil seal is excellent in sealing and prevents leakage. Additionally, it is equipped with a viton shaft seal, ensuring reliable performance and protection.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal with Stainless Steel Spring. Measuring at 135mm x 170mm x 12mm, this high-quality seal features an exceptional performance that separates it from the rest. Designed with a Viton shaft seal, it ensures maximum efficiency and durability in various applications. With its compact yet powerful construction, this oil seal is bound to deliver exceptional results.

uxcell presents a 20x47x7mm metric rotary shaft TC oil seal with a double lip that functions via spring loading.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal, with dimensions of 22mm x 40mm x 7mm and equipped with a high-quality stainless steel spring. This oil seal is designed to provide superior performance and durability. Additionally, it features a compatible Viton shaft seal to ensure a reliable and leak-free operation. Trust EAI for all your oil seal needs.

The EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal, measuring 50mm x 75mm x 10mm, is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel spring. Designed with compatibility in mind, this seal is also accompanied by a Viton Shaft Seal.

Introduction: The EAI FPM/FKM double lip oil seal, measuring 38mm x 58mm x 8mm, includes a sturdy stainless steel spring and is designed to effectively prevent oil leakage. In addition, it is equipped with a high-quality Viton shaft seal for enhanced performance. New Description: Enhance the longevity of your machinery with the reliable EAI FPM/FKM oil seal. This essential component boasts dimensions of 38mm x 58mm x 8mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your equipment. Its double lip design provides optimal protection against oil leakage, while the inclusion of a stainless steel spring adds durability and strength. What sets this oil seal apart is the use of a top-notch Viton shaft seal, which further enhances its sealing capabilities. Invest in the EAI FPM/FKM oil seal today for optimal performance and long-lasting durability.

Upgrade the Yemtuls Tools Extended Length Lip Seal Installer/Remover Transmission Tool to enhance its functionality and durability. This tool is designed to be compatible with both Atec T-0015 and Kent-Moore # J-26744-A, making it a versatile option for transmission work. Each pack includes two of these installer/remover tools, allowing for convenient and efficient use. With this upgrade, you can trust that your tool will perform at its best and deliver exceptional results.

Introducing the Transmissions Tool Lip Seal Installer Protector Kit, specially designed for the Ford AOD AODE 4R70W 4R70E 4R75W 4R75E models. This kit provides enhanced protection and installation for lip seals during transmission repairs and maintenance. With its tailored design and functionality, it ensures a precise and secure fit, reducing the risk of leaks and extending the lifespan of your transmission system. Improve the performance and reliability of your Ford with the Transmissions Tool Lip Seal Installer Protector Kit.

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