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With a state-of-the-art facility in China, Xiamen TuoYan brings over 20 years as a reputable manufacturer & wholesaler of high quality oil seals and gaskets designed for durability and longevity even under harsh environments. Our experienced engineering team provides custom sealing solutions tailored to your specifications, from materials selection to dimensional precision and quality validation.

People May Ask

Which Oil Seal Is The Best?

The Best Materials for Sealing in Oil Applications(br>In the sealing industry, nitrile is the most affordable and often utilized substance.Synthetic rubber known as Viton® is commonly utilized in molded sealing devices for oil applications, such as gaskets, lip seals, o-rings, and others.Additional things...

Why Are Gaskets Needed in Engines?

In order for your car to develop the proper compression that is required to retain engine power, the head gasket is essential in closing the combustion chamber of the engine. Additionally, it stops oil or coolant from seeping in other places, avoiding overheating and fire in your engine.

Which Three Types of Gasket Are There?

Gasket materials can be categorized into three primary types based on their intended use: metallic, semi-metallic, and non-metallic.

How Are Oil Seals Recognized?

Single Lip vs. Double Lip Oil SealingMerely relying on visual inspection to identify the oil seal lip can lead to misinterpretation. It is quite likely that you have a double-lipped oil seal if you feel a ridge with a tiny movement or give while pressing along the inner diameter at the top of the seal.

What Does The Term "Oil Seal" Mean?

Oil seals are used to stop oil or grease from escaping and to prevent dirt and other extraneous objects from getting inside shafts and bearings. A typical oil seal is made up of an exterior circular metal portion and an inner flexible element that is connected to the metal part using chemical adhesive agents and performs the actual sealing.

A Gasket Or An Oil Seal?

Another important distinction between a gasket and a seal is that the former is typically composed of asbestos or hard plastic. Conversely, materials like synthetic rubbers are used to make seals, particularly oil seals.

What Distinguishes A Mechanical Seal from An Oil Seal?

When utilized in extremely high or low temperatures, oil or rotary shaft seals may wear out more quickly due to their vulnerability to extreme temperatures. A mechanical seal has springs, spinning parts, and fixed parts.

What Does A Seal Gasket Serve As?

To prevent leaks, gaskets and seals create barriers between two items. Seals, on the other hand, are typically made of flat, round washers, similar to those found in faucets, and they serve to protect at least two moving parts (whether both move or just one). A gasket is made up of two static seals.

What Distinguishes An Oil Ring from An Oil Seal?

The application range of these two sealing components is one of their main differences; O-rings perform well in lower-pressure assemblies like valves and pipes, whereas oil seals have stronger pressure resistance than O rings, making them perfect for high-pressure situations like engine parts.

What Makes A Gasket Different from A Seal?

In general, seals are utilized in more dynamic situations between active components like rotating shafts, pumps, and engines, while gaskets act as a static seal between flat surfaces like joints.

Oil Seals And Gaskets Products

11428516396 Engine Oil Cooler Gasket, ensuring a reliable seal and preventing leaks, is designed to fit X1, X3, X4, X5, and X6 with precision and accuracy.

Introducing the Elarco Oil Cooler Gasket, a top-quality Engine Oil Cooler Seal Gasket designed specifically for Mazda models 3, 5, and 6. Crafted to perfection, this gasket ensures a secure and leak-free connection between the oil cooler and the engine. With its OEM specifications (OE: 1S7Z6A642AAA, LF0214700, 917-105, 917105), you can trust that it will seamlessly fit your Mazda vehicle without any modifications. Don t compromise on the performance of your engine, choose the Elarco Oil Cooler Gasket for a reliable and durable seal.

Introducing the Dewkou Pack-12 Oil Drain Plug Gasket, crafted from durable copper and known for its exceptional leak-proof capabilities. This top-quality crush seal replacement part, bearing the OEM 11026-01M02 code, is specially designed to fit perfectly with a range of Nissan models such as the Rogue, Sentra, Xterra, Frontier, Armada, Jukes, as well as Infiniti models like the 350Z, G35, and G37. The elegant gold color adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle while ensuring maximum functionality. Say goodbye to oil leaks with the Dewkou Pack-12 Oil Drain Plug Gasket - the go-to choice for car enthusiasts seeking reliable, long-lasting performance.

With compatibility for Explorer 97-04, Mountaineer 98-04, and Explorer Sport Trac/Ranger/B4000 2001-2004 4.0L V6, the Vincos CS9293 Conversion Gasket Set provides a lower gasket set along with oil pan gasket seals. This set ensures a secure and efficient seal for your vehicle s engine, preventing any leaks and maintaining optimal performance. Upgrade your gasket set with Vincos CS9293 for reliable and long-lasting results.

Mercury Marine Low Unit Drain Screw Gaskets, 3/8 -16 Oil Drain and Fill Plug Sealing Gaskets, Compatible with Most Mercury/Mariner Outboards and MerCruisers, 16 Pieces per Pack.

The oil seal gasket for the rear main bearing of the GM LS series engines, including LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3, LQ9, and LQ4, is available as a set named BS 40640. This gasket is designed to fit the crankshaft of various GM vehicles, such as Chevy Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Trailblazer, and GMC Sierra. It is compatible with engines ranging from 4.8L to 6.2L in displacement, specifically the 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, and 6.2L versions.

Introducing the ACROPIX Power Steering Pump Oil Filter Housing Cooler Seal Gasket, designed specifically to fit the BMW X1, X3, and X5 models. This pack includes two gaskets in a sleek black color.

Introducing the FEL-PRO OS 30821 Oil Pan Gasket Set, a highly sought-after product in the automotive industry. This premium gasket set is designed to fit perfectly onto oil pan surfaces, providing an effective seal for optimal engine performance. With its exceptional durability and resistance to oil leaks, the FEL-PRO OS 30821 Oil Pan Gasket Set ensures that your vehicle s engine remains protected and operates smoothly. Don t settle for subpar gaskets - choose the FEL-PRO OS 30821 Oil Pan Gasket Set for superior quality and reliability.

Swordfish 32241-150,一种汽车自中心粘合密封/垫圈,被分类归类。

In the market of automotive parts, there is a specific product that aims to enhance the performance and durability of car engines. This product is the Car Engine Oil Filter Adapter Housing Cooler Seal Gaskets designed for BMW models such as E60, E82, E83, E84, E90, E92, and E93. It serves as a crucial component in the filtration system of automobiles, ensuring that the engine oil remains clean and free from any contaminants. With a part number of 11427525335, this filter adapter housing cooler seal gaskets is compatible with BMW models 11428637820 and 11427537293. As professionals in the automotive industry, it is essential to prioritize the maintenance and optimization of automobiles, and the use of quality oil filters like this one is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Gail Kaapuni

I was really pleased with the scent and the way it left my skin feeling.


It tastes really good on eggs and even ice cream. Tastes good! You should enjoy this if you enjoy spicy food.


My 3D printer began functioning strangely; prints were failing to load even though nothing was wrong. This resulted from the stepper motors' inability to move the dry, dusty rails. Everything is like new after the rails have been cleaned and a small amount of this oil added. The 3D printer is now operating as if it were new. Since I only need a few drops on each rail, this oil should last me for a very long time.

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