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People May Ask

Why Does Viton Cost So Much?

This is because of the characteristics of Viton, particularly its resilience to chemicals and harsh environments and its temperature range, which allows it to outlast Nitrile under more demanding circumstances.

Which Is Preferable, FKM Or Viton?

Viton® outperforms hydrocarbon rubbers in fluid resistance, hence blends including Viton® usually exhibit much lower performance than 100% FKM. Hydrocarbon rubber blends with Viton® do not function [almost like FKM] or in any way similar to it.

Which Type of Oil Seal Is Superior, Viton Or Nitrile?

Acids, oils, gases, silicon fluids, aromatic gasses, and halogenated hydrocarbons are all substances to which Viton is resistant. Because of this, Viton is preferable for chemical processing appliances like those used in automobiles, but Nitrile is better for general chemical resistance.

What Drawbacks Does Viton Have?

Disadvantages. Even though Viton is one of the greatest elastomers, it is not without drawbacks. Although it has a reputation for being fluid-resistant, it is not resistant to organic acids, ketones, or esters. Although vitron can tolerate high temperatures, it is nevertheless impacted by both extremes of the temperature range.

What Uses Does Viton Have?

Viton® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company and refers to a particular brand of fluorocarbon (FKM). This synthetic rubber polymer is frequently utilized in low compression set and high temperature o-ring applications for automobile fuel handling systems, aircraft engines, and other applications.

Can Viton Be Used with Oil?

Viton seals are an excellent choice for the majority of applications requiring lubricants, fuels, and mineral acids due to their incredibly wide spectrum of chemical resistances. Additionally resistant to oxidation, ozone, UV light, weather, fungus, and mold are viton seals.

Why Is Viton Superior to Rubber?

O-rings and other molded or extruded goods employ Viton, a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer. Out of all the commercial rubbers, it provides the best fluid resistance. Compared to other elastomers, Viton maintains its good mechanical qualities at high temperatures.

Are Viton And FKM The Same?

The designations Viton®, FKM, FPM, and fluoroelastomer all refer to the same family of synthetic rubber materials. These are only the most popular names for this material; there are many more names for it.

Do Viton Seals Withstand Oil?

Similar to Hoover or Sellotape, Viton is a brand that denotes fluorocarbon o rings, or FKM/FPM as it is commonly known. This material resists oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, aromatics, and solvents with great tolerance to high temperatures.

Viton Oil Seal: What Is It?

What is the VitonTM brand? DuPont is the trademark holder of the fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber combination known as VitonTM. This product is a rubber that is hydrocarbon and fluorinated, and it is designed to survive extremely harsh conditions.

Viton Oil Seal Products

Introducing the EAI 25mm x 40mm x 7mm (10 PCS) FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal with Stainless Steel Spring. Designed with unrivaled sealing capabilities, this top-quality seal ensures optimal protection and longevity for your machinery. Incorporating a Viton Shaft Seal, it delivers enhanced resistance to high temperatures, chemicals, and various fluids. Count on this reliable oil seal to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

EAI presents a robust oil seal, measuring 24mm x 35mm x 7mm, equipped with a durable stainless steel spring, and fashioned with a double lip made from FPM/FKM material. This high-quality seal, complemented by a reliable Viton shaft seal, is designed to ensure optimum protection against oil leakage.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM double lip oil seal with dimensions of 13mm x 28mm x 7mm and equipped with a stainless steel spring. This exceptional seal, featuring a Viton shaft seal, guarantees optimal performance and longevity.

PLENTZOM introduces a high-quality oil seal that is compatible with the Polaris water pump crankcase models, including RZR S 800, Sportsman 600, and 700 800. This oil seal is specifically made using Dupont Viton, ensuring optimal performance and durability. With its excellent compatibility and reliability, it provides a perfect sealing solution for your Polaris water pump crankcase needs. Trust PLENTZOM for top-notch quality and compatibility in oil seals.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal with Stainless Steel Spring, sized at 35mm x 52mm x 6mm. This high-quality seal is designed to provide optimal performance and durability. With its Viton shaft seal compatibility, it offers enhanced resistance to various environmental elements. Upgrade your equipment with this reliable EAI oil seal for improved operational efficiency and long-lasting protection.

EAI presents a high-quality oil seal with exceptional performance. Manufactured using top-grade materials, this seal measures 30mm x 55mm x 8mm and features a durable stainless steel spring. Designed specifically for efficient sealing, it comes with a double lip made of FPM/FKM for enhanced reliability. Additionally, the seal is equipped with a superior Viton shaft seal, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. EAI s commitment to excellence shines through in this product, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal, serving as a reliable solution for sealing shafts and preventing oil leakage. With dimensions of 20mm x 40mm x 7mm, this seal is designed with a sturdy stainless steel spring and is enhanced with high-quality Viton material. Offering excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and various chemicals, it ensures optimal performance in demanding applications. Trust the EAI Oil Seal for efficient sealing and durability.

EAI presents a high-quality oil seal designed with the dimensions of 30mm x 40mm x 7mm. This exceptional product incorporates a double lip, ensuring superior performance and durability. The oil seal is composed of FPM/FKM material, known for its excellent resistance to fluids and extreme temperatures. Moreover, a stainless steel spring is integrated into the design to enhance stability and functionality. To further guarantee top-notch sealing capabilities, the shaft seal is crafted with Viton, a premium material known for its exceptional sealing properties. This oil seal by EAI is a reliable choice for various applications requiring optimal sealing performance.

Introducing the EAI FPM/FKM TC Double Lip Oil Seal with Stainless Steel Spring, measuring 90mm x 110mm x 10mm. This exceptional seal is designed to provide optimum protection against oil leakage. It features a Viton Shaft Seal that complements its functionality, ensuring superior sealing performance. With its precise dimensions and durable construction, this oil seal is an excellent choice for various industrial applications.

Introducing a pair of uxcPlum Oil Seals - engineered with precision, designed to provide optimal performance. These seals boast a sleek 17mm inner diameter, a sturdy 28mm outer diameter, and a formidable 7mm thickness. Crafted from high-quality fluorine rubber, they ensure exceptional durability and resilience. With their unique double lip design, these seals offer enhanced protection against oil leakage, making them a reliable choice for sealing applications. This pack includes two expertly engineered seals, delivering unmatched value for your money.

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Barry Fry

After two decades of faithful service, a new seal has breathed fresh life into my trusty commercial ZTR mower. Once again, the mowing prowess of this machine is back in action.

Someone else

Superb emblem. I would opt for a seal manufactured in the United States to withstand intense usage, yet this particular one will suffice for the entire duration I possess specific machinery.


Although it didn't serve its intended purpose, I have decided to retain it due to its high-quality seal, as it may prove useful in the future.

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