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Located in Xiamen, TYS Seals manufactures nbr oil seals, Bearing Guidance, Rotary Seals, Floating Seals and Seal Kits in China, exporting for over 22+ years to leading OEMs across Asia, Middle America, Africa, South America, Middle East, etc. Our extensive expertise makes us ready to help build the foundation for next generation fluid handling safety globally.

People May Ask

Is NBR Rubber Resistant to Oil?

The most popular and reasonably priced elastomer in the seal industry is nitrile, commonly referred to as NBR rubber and Buna-N. This is partially due to its exceptional resistance to fuels, water, alcohols, silicone greases, hydraulic fluids, and oils derived from petroleum.

What Makes NBR Useful?

automobiles. In the automobile industry, NBR is frequently utilized in oil hoses, grommets, seals, and other components because of its robust resistance to lubricants and fuels. Aircraft. Similar to the automotive sector, NBR is perfect for gasoline and oil oses, grommets, fuel tanks, and seals because to its resilience to chemicals and fuel.

What Drawbacks Does NBR Have?

Nitrile rubber's poor performance in the presence of ozone, UV light, and general weathering is its primary drawback. As such, it is not recommended for outdoor use. Nitrile has an ordinary operating temperature range of -25 °C to +100 °C and somewhat weak steam resistance.

Is PTFE An Acronym for Teflon?

Tetrafluoroethylene polymerTeflonTM is a synthetic polymer, or polytetrafluoroethylene, because it contains both fluorine and carbon. TeflonTM is a PTFE, yes.

Is Teflon Tape Able to Withstand Oil?

PTFE tape is resistant to both gasoline and oil because of its chemical inertness. For this reason, gasoline line joints are sealed and lubricated with it frequently in automotive applications.

Why Is Teflon Used in Some Oil Seals?

PTFE Gaskets. Traditional radial shaft seals composed of elastomeric sealing lip materials cannot endure harsh environments, high temperatures, high pressures, or dry running. Radial shaft seals with one or more PTFE sealing lip(s) are made to withstand these conditions.

Which Is Superior, NBR Or Viton?

In terms of durability, Viton and Nitrile might be tied, depending on the use and environmental factors. In conclusion, Viton seals are more resistant to hard circumstances and external factors, while NBR seals are more durable in dynamic situations where flexibility is crucial.

How Does NBR Affect Oil?

This synthetic elastomer, also referred to as nitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR), is resistant to mineral and vegetable oils as well as extended and continuous contact to petroleum-based oils. For parts that are used in these kinds of materials, it is among the best oil-resistant rubbers on the market.

What Is A Substance for Sealing Oil?

Buna (Nitrile) and Viton® are the materials used in oil seals the most frequently. The most common elastomer used in sealing is buna (nitrile) oil seals. Hydraulic fluids, mineral oils and greases, alcohol, water, steam, and petroleum oils and fuels all pose significant threats to nitrile oil seals.

NBR Oil Seal Material: What Is It?

Nitrile butadiene rubber, or NBR, is primarily employed in applications where mineral oil and grease are in regular contact with the seals. As demonstrated by shock absorbers, this material can be utilized in demanding applications due to its resistance to abrasion.

Nbr Oil Seal Products

EAI presents a stainless steel-cased oil seal with inner NBR coating in the dimensions of 0.750 x1.000 x0.125 or 3/4 x1 x1/8 .

Othmro presents a set of 10 Nitrile Rubber O-Rings, featuring a wire diameter of 1.5mm and a 16mm outer diameter. These metric sealing Nitrile NBR Rubber Washers are specifically designed for efficient oil or air sealing, making them suitable for a range of applications such as professional plumbing, car repair, and air or gas connections. With a sleek black appearance, these O-Rings offer a reliable and durable solution for all your sealing needs.

The TCM 45X55X7TC-BX NBR oil seal is made from a combination of Buna Rubber and carbon steel. With a TC type design, this seal measures at 1.772 inches in inner diameter, 2.165 inches in outer diameter, and 0.276 inches in thickness.

EAI Oil Seal with dimensions of 1.000 x2.000 x0.375 comes in a set of two, featuring a TC Double Lip with a Spring. The oil seal is enclosed in a metal case measuring 1 x2 x3/8 with NBR Coating, ensuring optimal performance and protection for your machinery.

TCM introduces the high-quality 20X26X4VC-BX NBR (Buna Rubber)/Carbon Steel Oil Seal, an excellent choice for various sealing applications. Designed with the VC Type, this seal offers exceptional performance and durability. It features a compact size, measuring 0.787 x 1.024 x 0.157 , making it suitable for a wide range of machines and equipment. Crafted with top-grade NBR (Buna Rubber) material and reinforced with carbon steel, this oil seal is built to handle demanding environments and provide reliable sealing capabilities. Trust TCM s 20X26X4VC-BX NBR (Buna Rubber)/Carbon Steel Oil Seal for your sealing needs.

SKF s CR Seals presents the 29872 Double Lip Oil Seal, which boasts a solid construction and measures 3.000 inches in shaft size, 3.751 inches in outer diameter, and 0.438 inches in width. This particular oil seal model follows the CRWHA1 design and utilizes Nitrile Rubber (NBR) for its lip material.

The CR Seals (SKF) 27280 oil seal is a solid, single lip seal designed with the CRWH1 design. It has a diameter of 2.750 inches and fits a shaft with a diameter of 3.500 inches. With a thickness of 0.438 inches, it effectively prevents oil leakage. Made of high-quality nitrile rubber (NBR), it ensures durability and superior sealing performance.

Othmro presents a pack of 10 Nitrile Rubber O-Rings, designed for a variety of applications. These O-rings have a 2mm wire diameter and a 10mm outer diameter, making them suitable for metric sealing needs. Made from high-quality Nitrile NBR rubber, these washers are resilient and perfect for oil or air sealing. They are ideal for professional plumbing projects, car repairs, as well as air or gas connections. The black color adds a touch of versatility to these reliable sealing solutions.

With a pack consisting of 1 piece, the uxcell Oil Seal, measuring 10mm x 22mm x 5mm, is a high-quality product made of durable nitrile rubber cover. Designed with a double lip and a spring, it serves as an effective seal for the bearing shaft, preventing oil leakage and ensuring smooth operation. Its black color adds a sleek and stylish touch to the overall appearance.

One piece of the product called uxcell Oil Seal is now available. It is designed with a black Nitrile Rubber Cover and has a dimension of 20mm x 26mm x 4mm. This oil seal is equipped with a double lip and a spring, making it suitable for bearing shafts. Customers can purchase this item individually, as it comes in a pack of 1.

Top Reviews


These seals are of excellent quality. There are no apparent signs of excess material or unfinished edges. I can hardly distinguish them from the set I already own, which is manufactured by all balls racing.


When it comes to O-rings, I never seem to need them until there's an urgent repair or assembly project underway. This typically triggers a frantic search to find the specific O-ring required. Unfortunately, local hardware stores usually stock O-rings solely for domestic plumbing fittings, packaged in blister packs that prevent trying them out, and often sold at steep prices. Fortunately, Gelisen offers a comprehensive kit of O-rings, presenting a wide variety of sizes. Ranging from small ones at just a couple of mm in inner diameter to larger ones approaching 24mm in inner diameter, the kit covers all bases. It's worth noting that the vendor labels the sizes of these O-rings based on their outer diameter. These O-rings are constructed using NBR nitrile rubber, the go-to material for most O-rings manufacturing. This ensures their durability and longevity. Although the vendor doesn't explicitly mention it, these O-rings are typically capable of withstanding high temperatures, reaching up to 250°F, and are even suitable for food contact. While I might be hesitant to use them for food applications, if I were to do so, I would first boil them to clean them thoroughly and test their temperature resistance.

No Pizza Tonite

I received this batch of replacement o-rings without any issues, and up till now, I am pleased with all the ones I have used. They were securely packed in a durable plastic case of suitable size, ensuring efficient storage, and my sample counts matched exactly. These o-rings possess excellent elasticity and showed no signs of dryness or cracks. Considering the exorbitant prices of individual o-ring purchases, they are likely to pay for themselves quite quickly. Due to this, I see no reason why they shouldn't be given a 5-star rating for now. The Gelisen 820Pcs Nitrile Rubber O-Rings Kit offers 24 different sizes of universal NBR metric washer gaskets. It is a versatile assortment set for repairs related to automotive, faucet pressure plumbing, sealing, and is designed to withstand oil, heat, and air or gas connections.

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