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Headquartered in Xiamen, China, TYS Seals has been an innovative manufacturer of high pressure lip seals, Wiper Seals, Rod Seals, Seal Kits and Bearing Guidance to industrial leaders across South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Middle America, etc since 2001. We contribute to the responsible evolution of fluid handling globally.

People May Ask

What Kind of O-Ring Does High Pressure Use?

In industrial and critical applications, one of the most prevalent criteria for O-rings is high-temperature and high-pressure resistance. For these kinds of applications, nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile, silicone rubber, polyacrylate, and other polymers make excellent O-ring materials.

A Triple Lip Seal: What Is It?

The triple lip seal uses PTFE technology that resembles a membrane and is intended for high viscosity applications and other fluids without sacrificing sealing performance.

What Varieties of Lip Seals Are There?

Lip seals with one lip, two lips, or even three lips are available. Both spring-loaded and non-spring-loaded lip seal styles are available. Lip seals that are spring-loaded have a built-in spring.

How Can I Make My Lip Seal Stronger?

For five seconds, tightly press your lips together. After settling in, repeat five times. While someone tries to remove it, tightly squeeze your lips around a tongue depressor, lip-closure spoon, or other approved device in the center of your lips for five seconds. After settling in, repeat five times.

Why Do People Utilize Double Lip Seals?

Two lips are present in double lip oil seals to improve fluid separation or contaminant exclusion. To ensure a consistent and even load of the lip on the shaft throughout the seal's life, many oil seals are spring-loaded. Additionally, a consistent load is applied to both lips of the double lip seal by the spring load.

Do Lip Seals Have Direction?

There is just one way in which a single lip seal can seal; it is unidirectional. The media that needs to be sealed should always be facing or pointed toward by the primary sealing lip. Usually grease or oil lubrication, however chemical media that must remain inside a tank could potentially be the media being sealed.

What Is The Shaft Seal's Maximum Pressure?

PressureClassification of Pressure0-0.69 bar (0–10 psi) Normal0.69-3.45 bar at 10 to 50 psi Minimal3.45–6.9 bar (50–100 psi) Moderate6.9-10.3 bar (100-150 psi) Elevated

Which Seal Faces Are Appropriate for Use under High Pressure?

Similar to silicon carbide, tungsten carbide is an extremely adaptable seal face. It is easily distinguished from silicon carbide despite having a similar hardness to the touch. It is highly hefty. Because of its high modulus of elasticity, which helps to prevent face distortion, it is ideal for high pressure applications.

How Much Force Is The Lip Seal Able to Withstand?

The majority of elastomeric seal lips on oil, grease, and bearing seals are intended for zero pressure, but they can function well up to 3 psi (0.2 bar). Increased pressure will force the lip up against the shaft, resulting in severe wear and friction as well as an early seal failure.

What Distinguishes A Lip Seal from An Oil Seal?

Any seal is intended to safeguard a piece of equipment's joint. Seals act as a barrier between pollution outside the joint and lubricant or other liquids inside. An oil seal or rotary shaft seal are other names for lip seals. For moving parts, mechanical seals, rotary shaft seals, and oil seals are used.

High Pressure Lip Seal Products

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