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Located in Xiamen, China TYS has over 22+ years as a certified ISO manufacturer of lip seal ptfes, Rod Seals, Rotary Seals, Bearing Guidance and Gaskets exported to partners globally across Asia, Middle America, Middle East, Africa, South America, etc. We are elevating safety and sustainability by supplying sealing systems essential to diverse industries.

People May Ask

What Advantages Does The PTFE Seal Offer?

The uses and advantages of PTFE. The polymeric substance polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is exceptional. This material is not only incredibly resilient to chemicals, strong, flexible, and resistant to heat and electricity, but it's also a very affordable choice for high-performance seals and 'O' rings.

Lips Seal for What Reason?

In between your lips, it feels like skin is growing. Because as the other lip secretions come into contact with one another, they will dry up and leave behind a thin coating that resembles glue that you will need to separate.

Why Is PTFE Employed?

Which are the primary uses for PTFE? This polymer is frequently used to coat kitchen cookware (pans, baking trays, etc.) in a non-stick coating. Oil and gas, chemical processing, industrial, electrical/electronic, and construction sectors all use PTFE as a cost-effective option.

What Is The Purpose of PTFE Coating?

Non-stick cookware has an interior coating made of PTFE. During cooking, food won't stick to the pans because to this special polymer covering. Also, cleaning this type of cookware is simple.

Are PTFE And Teflon The Same?

TeflonTM is a synthetic polymer, or polytetrafluoroethylene, because it contains both fluorine and carbon. TeflonTM is a PTFE, yes.

How Are Rubber Lips Sealed?

Liposeals come in a variety of materials. Usually, they are composed of an elastomeric substance that expands in the presence of pressure and heat. The lip seals will shrink back to their original size when they cool. However, the precise kind of elastomeric material that goes into making a lip seal can differ.

A PTFE Oil Seal: What Is It?

Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is increasingly more frequently used for oil seals because it reduces friction at the shaft interface and offers superior resistance to the variety of oil conditions present in contemporary engines. PTFE dust excluder secondary.

Lip Sealing: What Is It?

A lip seal's main function is to keep lubricants in while excluding impurities. Lip seals work by preserving friction by nature. They can be utilized in a wide range of settings, from below freezing to over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and in slow-moving machinery to high-speed rotation.

What Is Sealing with PTFE?

PTFE (TEFLON®) Seals: What Are They? PTFE seals, also known by its brand name Teflon, are a series of sealing solutions that are designed to meet stringent application requirements. Teflon and Teflon filled variant materials are used in these seals.

Which Substance Is Used to Lip Seals?

Polymeric (elastomeric or thermoplastic) materials are used as the sealing element in lip seals. They can have a non-sealing element (metallic, thermoplastic, or thermosetting polymer) supporting them for stiffness, or they can be entirely polymeric.

Lip Seal Ptfe Products

Fevas presents a high-quality solution for Screw Machines with the CompAir L22-90 air Compressor. This OEM A11926274 Oil Seal Shaft Seal is designed with Double Lips made of PTFE, ensuring superior performance and durability.

93220380 is a replacement part for Compair Compressor. It is an oil seal designed with PTFE shaft lips. This high-quality component ensures optimal performance and prevents oil leakage. Whether you need to replace a worn-out seal or upgrade your compressor s efficiency, 93220380 is the perfect choice. Trust in its durability and compatibility to keep your compressor running smoothly.

Compair Compressor Shaft Lips PTFE A93221080 is an oil seal that is highly compatible with Compair compressors. It is designed to efficiently seal the compressor shaft and prevent any oil leakage. With its PTFE composition, this oil seal offers excellent resistance to high temperatures and corrosive substances, ensuring long-lasting performance. If you are in need of a reliable oil seal for your Compair compressor, look no further than the 93221080 oil seal.

Lippert 122088 grease seal is a double-lipped seal with an inner diameter of 2.25 inches and an outer diameter of 3.376 inches.

Ella International introduces Lip Chic All Day Lipstick Sealer, a revolutionary product designed to ensure long-lasting lip color throughout the day.

Rotary screw air compressors are now equipped with a stainless steel shaft seal of exceptional quality. This seal, measuring 100x120/130/125x12/12/12, is designed with double lips made of PTFE material. It effectively prevents oil leaks and ensures smooth operation of the compressor. This particular style, known as Style A, comes in a convenient size of 100x120x12. With the addition of these high-grade seals, the rotary screw air compressor achieves enhanced durability and reliability. Enjoy optimal performance and peace of mind with this upgraded component.

Shaft Seal Oil Seal, with a size of 10×27×8.5mm, is designed specifically for use in Hydraulic Pump/Motor to ensure efficient sealing of the rotary shaft. This high-quality seal is constructed with a combination of FKM and PTFE materials, which provides excellent chemical resistance and temperature stability. To further enhance its sealing capability, the oil seal is equipped with a spring metal skeleton lip seal. With its precise design and reliable performance, this shaft seal is an ideal choice for various hydraulic applications.

Introducing the Sovol Filament Dryer 2023: Keeping Filament Dry at Its Best Are you tired of moisture ruining your 3D printing projects? Look no further than the SH01 Filament Dehydrator, an upgraded solution that guarantees dryness for your filaments. Equipped with an enhanced fan and a state-of-the-art dry box, this innovation is compatible with both 1.75mm and 2.85mm filaments, including PLA, PETG, TPU, and ABS. The Sovol Filament Dryer 2023 is a game-changer for 3D printing enthusiasts. It offers a reliable and efficient way to combat moisture and maintain the integrity of your filaments. With its advanced design and improved fan system, you can trust that your filaments will remain dry, ensuring impeccable printing results. Compatible with a wide range of filaments, including PLA, PETG, TPU, and ABS, the SH01 Filament Dehydrator has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of all 3D printing professionals. Whether you are working with 1.75mm or 2.85mm filaments, this innovative solution guarantees optimal dryness and performance. The key to the Sovol Filament Dryer 2023 s effectiveness lies in its upgraded fan system and cutting-edge dry box. The enhanced fan ensures a steady airflow within the dryer, preventing any moisture from seeping into your filaments. The state-of-the-art dry box provides a secure and controlled environment, shielding your filaments from external factors that could compromise their quality. Don t let moisture hinder your creativity and progress in 3D printing. Invest in the Sovol Filament Dryer 2023, and experience the difference it can make in preserving the dryness and quality of your filaments. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, this innovative solution is a must-have for anyone seeking the best possible 3D printing results.

500 Pieces of Lip Balm/Lip Gloss Tube Shrink Wrap, Simple to Use, Makes Items More Professional

Shrink wrap your lip balm tubes with these convenient and practical Lip Balm Shrink Wrap Bands Sleeves. This bundle includes 1000 pieces of shrink wraps, ensuring that you have plenty on hand for all your packaging needs. The shrink wraps are designed specifically for lip balm tubes, providing a snug and secure fit. With dimensions of 2.56 x 1.2 inches, they are tailored to accommodate most lip balm tubes. Easy to use and perforated for added convenience, these shrink wrap bands make the packaging process a breeze. Give your lip balm products a professional and polished look with these high-quality shrink wraps.

Top Reviews

Tonja R.

I have been a fan of this product for a long time. Its effectiveness is evident to me whenever I forget to use it. The reliable ability to prevent lipstick from smudging onto other objects is truly remarkable.

Cynthia Gaston

Performs admirably; achieves the promised results without fail, to the extent that it is impossible to remove your lipstick before going to bed without the assistance of a makeup remover. Moreover, it effectively prevents your lipstick from transferring onto your mask.


After coming across a YouTube video where a popular beauty vlogger showcased the effectiveness of a lip stick sealer, I was intrigued. In the video, she applied a dark red lipstick and pressed a tissue to her mouth, revealing minimal transfer - a testament to the product's ability to prevent smudging. Having experienced disappointment with supposedly "smudge proof" lipsticks in the past, including Urban Decay's "Lip Bond" which defied its claims of being transfer, smudge, and water resistant, I decided to give this product a chance. Following the instructions, I applied my Urban Decay lipstick and allowed it to settle for a few seconds before using the Mehron sealer. The result was astonishing - the lipstick remained intact, even after kissing my husband multiple times (we both chuckled at the absence of any clown-like smudges). It is worth noting that this sealer can withstand various activities throughout the day, but after extensive wear and kissing, I did notice some flaking of the lipstick. On the bright side, the sealer emits a pleasant, mildly minty fragrance that is not overpowering. Additionally, since only a small amount is required to cover the lips, the bottle is likely to last for a considerable period. However, it is important to mention that this product may not be compatible with certain lipsticks as there is one caveat

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