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Based in Xiamen, China, TYS Seals manufactures metric oil sealss, Wiper Seals, Rotary Seals, Seal Kits and Bearing Guidance, supplying customers across Asia, Africa, Middle America, South America, Middle East, etc for over 22+ years. by continuously advancing our expertise, we strive to exceed expectations as a conscientious global industry leader.

People May Ask

What Is The Oil Measurement Standard?

barrels(1) The unit of measurement and reporting for oil output is barrels, or [bbl." The unit of measurement used to describe production rates is usually barrels per day (bpd), though this can sometimes be shortened to b/d or bbl/d.

An Imperial Seal: What Is It?

The term "imperial seal" describes the seal that imperial families in East Asia use to certify their decrees. The official seal of the Chinese Empire is the Heirloom Seal of the Realm.

How Is The Size of A Mechanical Seal Determined?

Measure the length of the spring, the diameter and thickness of the stationary seat, and the inside diameter of the seal face to find the size of a component mechanical seal.

Which Oil Seal Is The Best?

The Best Materials for Sealing in Oil Applications(br>In the sealing industry, nitrile is the most affordable and often utilized substance.Synthetic rubber known as Viton® is commonly utilized in molded sealing devices for oil applications, such as gaskets, lip seals, o-rings, and others.Additional things...

What Is Meant by Seal Size?

The liner's exterior is used to measure the seal size. Which seal size is needed depends on the shaft diameter plus the liner. An STA 170, for instance, denotes a shaft and liner total diameter of 170 millimeters. The shaft diameter in this sample ranges from 146 to 160 millimeters.

What Is Meant by Oil Seal Numbers?

Since the size is stamped on the seal, for example, 20 47 7, it signifies that the inside is 20 mm, the exterior is 47 mm, and the width is 7 mm. Certain oil seals have distinct lip configurations. Metric oil seals are generally simple to understand. TC=R23 & SC=R21 are the most prevalent R21= One Lip Double Lip is R23.

What Is The Oil Seal's Size?

Chart of Standard and Metric Oil Seal SizesSerial S W1 0.079 0.1182 0.090 0.2503 0.118 0.2364 0.125 0.094

Describe TCV Oil Seal.

The outside rubber type oil seal and inner frame are home to the pressure-resistant TCV type oil seal. It keeps the lip tight while decreasing its pressure area. It is a hydraulic oil seal and a high-pressure frame oil seal, with a pressure resistance of less than 0.5 MPa.

Metric Oil: What Is It?

With the help of cutting-edge anti-foam ingredients included in AMSOIL Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil, riders may safely push their bikes to their limits. superior protection against wear. confident, fluid movements. a calm, tidy performance.

How Measure Oil Seals?

Metric oil seals often bear the sizes indicated on them. For instance, 20 40 10 indicates that the seal is 20 mm in the inside diameter (ID), 40 mm in the outside diameter (OD), and 10 mm in width and thickness. If the seal is unprinted, all you would need to do is measure the ID, OD, and width using a vernier or similar tool.

Metric Oil Seals Products

In the realm of ear piercing gauges, a splendid collection of 100 black silicone o-rings awaits. These delightful replacements are tailored for those adorning their ears with sizes ranging from 00G to 14G and measuring 12 mm.

The Automotive Aluminum Metric Oil Drain Plug Gasket Washers Assortment Set by Glarks comprises a collection of 470 pieces and is suitable for various sizes ranging from M6 to M24.

A collection of 508 aluminum washers in an assortment kit, known as the Oil Drain Plug Gasket, is available. This kit contains 18 different sizes, ranging from M6 to M24, which can be used to effectively seal the oil drain plugs.

Introducing the Toolly Copper Washer Assortment Set, a comprehensive kit comprising of 300 washers in 12 different sizes. Designed specifically for metric applications, this kit includes a versatile range of copper sealing washers, ensuring a reliable and secure seal. From M6 to M20, these flat washers cover all the essential sizes you need for your projects. With the Toolly Copper Washer Assortment Set, convenience and efficiency are guaranteed.

Introducing a versatile assortment kit from Swpeet, which consists of 470 automotive metric oil drain plug gaskets made of high-quality aluminum. This kit is specifically designed to cater to various needs, as it contains a wide range of sizes - M6, M8, M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M22, and M24. With 18 different sizes in total, this kit ensures that you will always have the right gasket on hand for any oil drain plug application. The aluminum flat washers provide a reliable and tight seal, offering optimal protection against leaks and potential damage. Upgrade your automotive maintenance toolkit with this comprehensive gasket assortment kit from Swpeet.

AUTOMAJOR offers a wide range of sealing gaskets for drainage plugs, with a classification based on their thickness: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm. These gaskets are versatile and suitable for various applications. In addition, AUTOMAJOR also provides 270 aluminum oil plug gaskets.

Introducing the uxcell Metric Rotary Shaft Oil Seal in a sleek and versatile design. This high-quality seal measures 20x32x7mm and is crafted with durable rubber material, ensuring long-lasting durability. The TC Double Lips design adds an extra layer of protection against leaks and contaminants. Its timeless black color adds a touch of sophistication to any application. This oil seal is a reliable choice for various rotary shaft applications, providing optimal performance and reliability.

With dimensions of 22mm x 30mm x 6mm, the uxcell® Hydraulic Seal, also known as the Piston Shaft U32i PU Oil Sealing O-Ring, guarantees efficient performance in sealing and maintenance of hydraulic systems.

Introducing the Wolfride Copper Washer Kit, a comprehensive collection of 200 high-quality copper sealing washers. Designed with precision, this kit features a variety of metric flat ring washers in sizes M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, and M14. From automotive repairs to plumbing projects, this assortment ensures you have the correct washer at hand for a secure and tight seal. Upgrade your toolkit with this versatile Copper Washer Kit from Wolfride.

The yeesport 150 Pcs Bonded Seal Washers Self-Centered Bonded Seal Gasket Assortment Kit offers a wide range of flat oil sealing washers for various applications such as automotive, bearing, and pump equipment. With 10 different sizes available, ranging from M6 to M24, this kit provides a convenient and comprehensive solution for all your sealing needs. The bonded seal washers ensure a secure and leak-free connection, offering reliable performance and peace of mind. Whether you need to seal oil or prevent leaks in automotive parts, bearings, or pumps, this assortment kit is a practical choice.

Top Reviews


The old ROD seal in the front loader of the CASE/FREY tractor (case1294 "1983") has been replaced. The SEAL at the internal cylinder end piece is crucial for the shaft retract operation of the 2-inch cylinder. After discovering significant chemical damage, the original black seal was carefully removed in solid fragments. The NEW blue seal, specifically designed to withstand lower temperatures and operate at a low shaft speed, has been installed. I will also be replacing the seals in my other cylinders with the same Hydraulic seal, namely U32i/PU. To properly install the seal, it was warmed in hot water at a temperature of 155°F. The dimensions of the seal are 35mmx45mmx8mm.


In my search for a specific size, I devoted numerous hours exploring various options. Despite visiting three different auto parts stores, a hardware store, a fastener supplier, and an auto repair shop, I was unable to find what I needed. Fortunately, having this kit readily available will prove to be a valuable time and cost-saving measure moving forward.


This tool is absolutely indispensable to keep in your toolbox. Up to now, I haven't encountered a single size that wasn't included in the kit. It is truly remarkable to have the option to replace gaskets when performing maintenance on a metric vehicle, especially considering the price is only a fraction of what dealers charge. Additionally, if the old gaskets are still in good condition, they can be annealed and reused instead of being discarded.

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